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We Show Managers How To Engage Their Teams


Small group, interactive workshops on leadership and supervisory topics are designed to motivate leaders to enhance enhance employee engagement. These 90 minute workshops can be delivered individually as a “lunch-and-learn” or as a staff meeting topic. Four workshops can be bundled for a one-day event.
Engaging Leadership Workshops
90 minute interactive, small group workshops on leadership and supervisory topics are designed to motivate leaders to enhance enhance employee engagement and develop their own leadership style.

“Say What?” – Giving Effective Feedback To Your Employees

This workshop explores the role of feedback in successful organizations and shows participants simple steps for having these conversations. We will also learn how and when to provide feedback, specific tips for the feedback conversation and how to handle push back.

“Hey Coach!” – Developing Winning Teams

Coaching is an integral part of developing a team. Do you know the steps for coaching to success? Join us to learn hands-on coaching techniques to develop and engage employees.

“Bloom Where You Are Planted” – Cultivating Your Individual Leadership Style To Grow High Performing Staff

What is your individual leadership style? How do you know if you are an effective leader? How well do you know – and grow – your staff? This workshop explores the steps to nourishing and growing yourself as a leader and the individuals on your team.

“I Can See Clearly Now” – Simple and Powerful Communications

This workshop asks the question “Are you being the message you want to convey as a leader?” Participants will explore their verbal and non-verbal communication styles and identify ways to communicate more powerfully to employees.

“Tick Tock – Overwhelmed?” – Gaining Control of Your Time

Do you have time – or does time have you? Participants will construct their most productive day and develop strategies for setting boundaries with their time.

“The Art of Delegation” – Sharing The Work To Grow Your Employees

Delegation is one of the most challenging responsibilities of leaders, yet it is a key to employee growth and engagement. You will learn the steps of delegation and how to get past the “It’s just easier to do it myself” or “I’m the only one that can do it right” excuses that we tell ourselves.

“We Have to Talk” – Having Those Difficult Conversations In the Workplace

This workshop provides techniques for handling uncomfortable and difficult conversations with employees about such topics as performance, conflict and corrective action. We will also discuss handling anger in the workplace and how to maintain a professional demeanor.

Online Leadership Courses for Individuals or Groups

Supervisory Training and Leadership Development courses in a convenient online format can be delivered live and interactive, or recorded, to fit into a busy schedule.

Leadership Academy

The Engaging Leadership Academy brings together small groups of talented managers, meeting monthly over a year with a single-minded purpose: Show significant, measurable improvements in performance. We do this with relevant, practical content, coaching, facilitation, sharing best practices, and accountability — all directly connected to each participant’s work situation and performance goals.


“Engaging Leadership has been instrumental in my professional growth as a leader. The coaching sessions with Lee Ann helped me recognize my knowledge and skill-set, but most importantly become confident. Thanks to Engaging Leadership, I am finally functioning as the leader I have always desired to be.”

— Non-Profit HR Director

Leadership Classes

     “Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees” was a great course! I learned things that will change the way I supervise. I am already better at giving feedback and delegating. The course was very engaging and I enjoyed the interactive part and learning from the fellow students.”

— Service Industry Front Line Supervisor


“Lee Ann Pond’s presentation and workshop skills are extremely effective. She engaged her audience with examples of her own personal experience as a senior leader and welcomed audience participation throughout the session. This kept the audience intrigued and encouraged a number of attendees to stay following the conclusion for some one-on-one guidance.”

— Attendee at national conference

Leadership Training

We offer interactive motivating workshops, online leadership courses, and small groups of talented managers together through our Engaging Leadership Academy.

Employee Engagement

We train management & supervisory staff on how to best engage their teams to achieve more and provide surveys that measure your employee engagement.

Executive Coaching

We provide customized coaching and supply management professionals tools for pre-hire screening, employment selection, on-boarding, managing and team leadership.

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