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Studies show that up to 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged, but companies with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual income as non-engaged companies. However, just measuring the engagement is not enough. Employee engagement surveys done without proper training with your supervisory staff are destined to receive low scores. Our program shows your managers how to engage their teams and can provide the surveys to measure engagement.


U.S. Employees engaged at work


Increased profitability of companies with highly engaged employees


Influence of direct supervisor on an individual employee’s engagement score

What’s your team engagement score?

The Engagement Ring™: Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees” is Engaging Leadership’s own process for training leaders to increase employee engagement.

Did you know that two-thirds of all U.S. workers are not engaged at work? And that direct supervisors account for 70% of an individual employee’s engagement?

An engaged workforce means increased productivity, better customer service, and lower turnover.

If you want to learn specific techniques that will make you a better leader and increase engagement in your staff, The Engagement Ring™ is for you! Contact us for information on individual or group classes, which can be customized for your team and your location.


“Engaging Leadership has been instrumental in my professional growth as a leader. The coaching sessions with Lee Ann helped me recognize my knowledge and skill-set, but most importantly become confident. Thanks to Engaging Leadership, I am finally functioning as the leader I have always desired to be.”

— Non-Profit HR Director

Leadership Classes

     “Leadership Skills for Engaging Your Employees” was a great course! I learned things that will change the way I supervise. I am already better at giving feedback and delegating. The course was very engaging and I enjoyed the interactive part and learning from the fellow students.”

— Service Industry Front Line Supervisor


“Lee Ann Pond’s presentation and workshop skills are extremely effective. She engaged her audience with examples of her own personal experience as a senior leader and welcomed audience participation throughout the session. This kept the audience intrigued and encouraged a number of attendees to stay following the conclusion for some one-on-one guidance.”

— Attendee at national conference

Leadership Training

We offer interactive motivating workshops, online leadership courses, and small groups of talented managers together through our Engaging Leadership Academy.

Employee Engagement

We train management & supervisory staff on how to best engage their teams to achieve more and provide surveys that measure your employee engagement.

Executive Coaching

We provide customized coaching and supply management professionals tools for pre-hire screening, employment selection, on-boarding, managing and team leadership.

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